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In ELEMENT, there are opportunities each month to get together as a collective group and engage in various activities. Typically, we like to offer some variety through our monthly events and have different areas of focus for each of the activities.

Generally, the monthly events are designed to be fun and bring the large group together so we can get to know one another better and just hang out with each other. Some examples of these events include a trip to the Rogers Centre to see the Blue Jays play, Whirlyball, Canada's Wonderland, tubing at Elora Gorge, and others!!

Not all monthly events are designed with fun as the focus. Many events we run place a focus on outreach, where the gospel message will be clearly presented and students will be challenged within the WORD. Some of these events...which are so much fun too...include Mission Impossible, Element Olympics, Hawaiian Night, and so many more!!

We will also be putting more focus on a third type of event known as "service events" where students will be given the opportunity to serve others within the church, the community, the city, the country, and even internationally. Recently, we had our "helping hands" event where students went out in groups and helped people in the community do tasks around their house, showing God's love through serving others.

Whether an event is designed for fun, outreach, or service it's always a good time to get together as a large group of students and engage with one another in a more social setting.

At ELEMENT, we also have a number of opportunities to get away for the weekend at various retreats. Two of the main retreats we attend on an annual basis are Fall Retreat, which is typically held over a weekend in October, and SNO-Camp, which is held at New Life Camp near Durham, Ontario in February.

Fall Retreat is a weekend that is reserved for just our youth group and friends of our youth group (no other groups attend) where we head to the middle of nowhere and have the opportunity to get outside and engage in various activities.

SNO-Camp, on the other hand, is run at New Life Camp... this weekend is again reserved for just our youth group and friends of our youth group (no other groups attend). The time allows us to get outside and take advantage of some of the lovely Central Ontario winters and have a great time of activities, teaching and fellowship.

In the past there has been opportunity to take part in camping retreats during the summer months at Kingdom Bound at the Darien Lake theme park and other chances for weekend getaways. With all the retreats, they are focused on fun and having a good time, but also at each one there will be the opportunity to hear from guest speakers and become involved in a weekend study of God's Word. Each one of these opportunities is meant to be fun, but it's the mission of the retreats and events to "Make the Word Fully Known."