Community Garden Plots


The Community Gardens Plots
at West Highland Baptist Church

2017 Lease Agreement

In consideration of the rules and regulations of the “Garden Plots”, located at the West Highland Baptist Church (WHBC), 1605 Garth Street, Hamilton, Ontario L9B 1X8, I agree to as follows:

  1. The Lease is limited to the use of the WHBC Community Gardens “Plot” approximately 15 ft. x 15 ft. in size.
  2. The term of this lease is for spring planting (May) until harvest (September / October)
  3. Payment shall be made in advance, upon signing this agreement.  The fee per plot is $30.00.
  4. I acknowledge that the use of this WHBC Community Gardens “Plot” will be at my own risk and WHBC will not be liable for any personal injury or personal property damage that may occur on WHBC property.
  5. Security of the premises for the protection of personal property including, but not limited to seeds, growing plants, tools and utensils, during the lease period is my own responsibility.
  6. I will operate the WHBC Community Gardens “Plot” regularly and use water supply responsibly.
  7. I will not grow vegetables or flowers for resale. (2) I will not grow corn.
  8. I will not grow illegal substances.
  9. I understand that the term of the lease is for one year.  I should not grow plants that require more than one year to mature / yield produce.
  10. I will not do damage or infringe upon other WHBC Community Garden “Plots”.
  11. All pets will be kept on a leash at all times.
  12. I will remove and clear all garden debris at the end of the season.
  13. I will remove my own garden waste during the season for my own recycling or compost.  If I cannot, I will inform the WHBC Community Gardens “Plot” Garden Committee, as some people do not have the means. I will then need to bag those materials in a brown paper garden waste bag (available at garden centers, grocery, hardware and building centers) and the Coordinator will dispose of it.
  14. Personal garden items left after the lease period will be removed and may be disposed of by WHBC staff.
  15. I acknowledge that if I do not follow these guidelines, the use of the WHBC Community Gardens “Patch” will be forfeited and no refund given.
  16. I declare that I am over the age of 18 years old.

West Highland Baptist Church, 1605 Garth St., Hamilton, ON  L9B 1X8
(Application is not complete until payment has been received)

As a reminder:  The WHBC Garden Plots are located at 1605 Garth Street, behind West Highland Baptist Church on the left hand / north side of the parking lot.

This lease is also available to download here.

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