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June 2018
1 9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
7:00PM SHINE ON: An Evening with Marc & Cyndi Wilkens
2 9:00AM The King's Garden
1:30PM West Highland Community Picnic
7:30PM Emmaus Road
3 9:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Worship Service
12:30PM "Reduce The Risk" Volunteer Training
4 9:00AM The King's Garden
5 6 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Worship Team Practice
7:00PM Element (Sr High) & Impact (Jr High)
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
7 6:30AM Prayer for Revival
8 9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
7:00PM Academy of Music Spring Recital
9 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:30PM Emmaus Road
10 9:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Worship Service
12:30PM Soup's On Lunch
6:00PM Concert of Prayer
11 9:00AM The King's Garden
12 13 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Worship Team Practice
7:00PM Element (Sr High) & Impact (Jr High)
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
14 6:30AM Prayer for Revival
15 16 9:00AM The King's Garden
11:00AM Father's Day Weekend Car Show
7:30PM Emmaus Road
17 10:00AM Worship Service
18 9:00AM The King's Garden
19 7:00PM Women's Bible Study: "When God Weeps"
20 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Worship Team Practice
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
21 6:30AM Prayer for Revival
5:30PM JOY Fellowship (for Mature Adults) Year-End BBQ
7:00PM Trevor Dick in Concert
22 23 9:00AM The King's Garden
24 10:00AM Worship Service
6:00PM Annual Business Meeting
25 9:00AM The King's Garden
26 7:00PM Women's Bible Study: "When God Weeps"
27 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
28 29 30 9:00AM The King's Garden

Making the Word of God Fully Known and the People of God Fully Mature


One of life’s greatest joys is to see the fulfillment of something we have dreamed of, longed for and worked towards. The dream to expand and upgrade our worship and ministry centre was conceived more than a decade ago as our church’s leaders began to envision what opportunities God would place before us. With our city’s plans to build more housing on the West Mountain and its environs to meet the needs of a rapidly growing population of new residents and new Canadians, our leaders had the foresight to see that we must prepare ourselves to reach the people God would send to “our Jerusalem.” Now after all the years of praying, planning and participating in this great project we are at last experiencing this wonderful dream-realized joy.

To begin this new chapter in our church’s history, October 2016 has been designated a month of celebration. Yes, at long last the time to party has arrived, so let the party begin! We have invited an array of speakers and special guests to celebrate with us every Sunday of this month. This page outlines the exciting times of worship and fun-filled special events that have been prepared for you and your family. Look it over and plan to dive in to these Grand Opening Celebrations.

John Mahaffey, Lead Pastor

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 2 - 9:00 & 11:00 A.M.
44th Anniversary (View Service)

Born into a pastor’s family in Northern Ireland Brian came to Canada when he was 18 years old and after graduating from Central Baptist Seminary in 1972 he married Lynda and became West Highland’s first pastor. He is presently the Pastor of Seniors and Spiritual Care at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Barrie, and will retire at the end of September 2016. Brian will share about West Highland’s early days.


After planting churches in Nova Scotia and Alberta, Gary pastored in Ontario before he and Kim became involved in FEB International providing member care to missionaries around the world. He was our last interim pastor way back in 2007.


French-Canadian musicians Sebastian Demrey and Jimmy Lahaie from Montreal are committed to the lyrical and musical treasures that have impacted the generations before us. Their unique blend of presentation and sound brings alive the beautiful hymns of the past for the present generation in English and French.  To learn more about Sebastian & Jimmy, visit


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 - 9:00 & 11:00 A.M.
Thanksgiving Weekend (View Service)

Pastor Jim and his wife, Adrienne, served here on two occasions as interim pastor in 2007 and 2009. Among his many ministry accomplishments, Jim is the Pastor Emeritus of Benton Street Baptist Church in Kitchener (1978-2003) and the Founder of Christian Horizons.


This former President of the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada began his ministry in the 1960s with Youth for Christ, Toronto. He is the founder of Faith Today, Canada’s national evangelical magazine. The author of numerous books Brian became the Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance after leading Tyndale College and Seminary to become Canada’s largest evangelical school.


9:00 & 11:00 A.M. (View Service)

Monique is the MPP for Hamilton Mountain and serves as the New Democratic Party’s critic for children and youth services. As a long-time community activist she has fought incessantly to make life more affordable for the people of Hamilton, a focus that continues in her work at Queen’s Park.


Since 2003, Terry has worked hard to advance the interests of West Mountain (Ward 8) residents at City Hall. One of the most active members of Hamilton City Council, Terry is involved in many agencies and is a dedicated member of the national board of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.


Paul is a self described “Bible Geek” and Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church, Orillia. In addition to leading FBC’s team of pastors, Paul leads the Covenant Life Renewal Association among Canadian Baptists. He is a regular blogger, outstanding communicator and leader in The Gospel Coalition Canada.


7:00 P.M.

Check out another personalized greeting from the Fidgets for October 21

Be sure to join us for this special evening! It's all part of our "Grand Opening Celebrations" for the month of October.

  • OPEN HOUSE—GUIDED TOURS (6:00-6:40 P.M.)
    Before we begin the evening program, we'll be opening up the building so you can have a look at the new space. If you haven't checked it out yet, this will be a great opportunity!

    The Fidgets are a Christian improv group based in Sarnia, Ontario, who have performed their unique brand of interactive improv comedy for thousands of people in a variety of venues from churches, to schools, to luxury hotels, resorts, and theatres. Even familiar Hamiltonian Red Green is counted among those who have endorsed The Fidgets. Members Dave Lane, Chris Reid, and John Hollingsworth, have a way of bringing people of all generations and cultures together, as they bring joy to the heart.

    “A guy from our church said he laughed more in 2 hours with The Fidgets than in the past 2 years.” (Pastor Don Symons, Westney Heights Baptist Church)

    “It was fantastic. There was laughter. There were relationships being built. It was a great, positive thing, not only for our church members, but also for the guests they brought.” (Pastor Bill Thornton, Flamborough Baptist Church)

    Enjoy an eye-popping smorgasbord of mouth-watering, calorie-laden, extravagant desserts.

    - $20 per person OR $50 per family
    - Available at the table in the foyer this Friday or contact the Church Office.

    Learn more about The Fidgets at


9:00 & 11:00 A.M. (View Service)

David is a professional speaker and author of the personal development book “Your Spectacular Quest.” This triathlon athlete and outdoor enthusiast is the former CEO of Promise Keepers and was first elected to Parliament in 2006 as the Conservative MP for Flamborough-Glanbrook.


This loyal Toronto Maple Leafs fan is the founder and Lead Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto. He is a zealous gospel preacher whose love for the disabled community has given him opportunities to speak for the Elisha Foundation. A leader among Toronto pastors he also serves with The Gospel Coalition Canada.


Day of Prayer for the Million Dollar Miracle

SESSIONS OF PRAYER (9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.)
This nine hour period of prayer will be broken into several sessions led by our Pastors and Elders. People are free to come when they are able and leave when they must.

CONCERT OF PRAYER & PRAISE (7:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.)
The final hour of the day will conclude in a time of praise as together we look back on all that has been accomplished since the building project began and anticipate the realization of our financial goal and the coming days of fruitful gospel advance.


SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30—10:00 A.M. (One Service)
Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony (View Service)

Hamilton’s mayor was born in the Netherlands and immigrated to Canada when he was eight years old.  From 1991 to 2008, he served as alderman for Ward 5. He is presently serving his second term as mayor and is also the former President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Urban Institute.


After 28 fruitful years leading Springvale Baptist Church, Stouffville, Bob became the Regional Director of FEB Central serving the 275 Fellowship Baptist Churches of Ontario and English-speaking Quebec. In addition to helping pastors and strengthening churches, he gives oversight and encouragement to the 53 church plants underway in our region.


In March of 1972, a small group of concerned Christians began meeting regularly to pray about establishing a new evangelical church to reach the burgeoning population of Hamilton on the West Mountain.  Sensing God’s leading and affirmation they began weekly worship in September of the same year. Within months, Brian Baxter was called to be the church’s first pastor and a building program was soon initiated.  By mid 1975, the church’s first worship and ministry centre was erected on the corner of Garth Street and Limeridge Road. The new multifunctional building provided growth for upwards of 225 people.

It was not long before the worship centre was bulging at the seams. In the early 1980s, Pastor Lambert Baptist’s infectious heart for evangelism and strong Bible-teaching ministry brought the church into a significant period of spiritual and numerical growth. Soon the Sunday Bible School struggled in limited space, the outside portables maxed out and the auditorium could not accommodate further seating. After much prayer, seven acres of land was purchased on our present site and in May 1987 the church family of 350 people moved into the new facilities built to accommodate 750 worshippers. Gripped with the magnitude of the new challenge placed before them, the church moved ahead, committed to gospel proclamation and trusting God for fruitful labour.

Ten years later, under the ministry of Deric Bartlett, the church entered a time of unprecedented growth. The team of pastors was expanded to meet the spiritual needs of the growing church family. Soon upwards of 700 worshippers filled the auditorium every Sunday. In 2006, the church purchased an additional 3.7 acres as the first step in an anticipated future expansion and upgrading of its facilities. In 2009, through the newly-called leadership of John Mahaffey, Vision 20/20 was unfolded with a new mission statement, To Make the Word of God Fully Known and the People of God Fully Mature. One of the many components of Vision 20/20 was the expansion of our worship and ministry centre. In October 2013, the Elders sensed that the time had finally arrived and recommended to the members to officially begin a capital campaign and the construction of new facilities. Embracing the new challenge the members stepped forward in faith and in October 2016 the $7.3 million dollar expansion will be completed to the glory of God.