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What is Hamilton Challenge? 

Hamilton Challenge is an intensive one week evangelistic campaign and evangelism training program geared to helping followers of Jesus Christ develop their skills in sharing the gospel with people of various religions and beliefs in Hamilton.

Each day of the campaign will be dedicated to learning and understanding the beliefs and worldviews of others.

This excellent training in world religions and evangelism will be coupled with practical experience in door-to-door gospel-sharing within the community.

Who Should Participate?

If you are concerned for people who need Jesus Christ, want to understand the beliefs and worldviews of the growing numbers of non-Christian Canadians and desire to be better equipped to witness for Christ and share the good news of his life, death and resurrection with others, Hamilton Challenge is for YOU! 

How Can I Be Involved?

There are four ways you can be involved:

1. Become a Hamilton Challenge Prayer Partner.
Are you willing to pray daily for the Hamilton Challenge Team and for the salvation of the lost?

Prayer partners are greatly needed and those interested can join a special prayer team. To sign up for Hamilton Challenge prayer requests, please click here.

2. Become a Financial Sponsor.
If you are not able to attend and/or would like to support someone who can attend but is unable to afford the registration fee, you may contribute to a sponsorship fund. Send an email of your intent to
Pastor Chris Kovac.

3. Help us promote this great outreach opportunity.
We have some resources to help you promote Hamilton Challenge at your church, school, workplace, among friends, etc.  Click here for our promotional materials. 

4. Join the Hamilton Challenge Team.
If you are able to dedicate one week of your time then join the Hamilton Challenge Team. The cost for the full week is $250.00 which will cover the cost of meals, T-shirt, gospel literature and other training materials.

Hamilton Challenge Schedule

You may also join part time (costs are per session and each session includes one meal).


Hamilton Challenge takes place at Philpott Memorial Church (84 York Blvd, Hamilton).


  Speakers on various religious topics!
  (Click on speaker's picture for bio information)

  & GO:
  Venues to practice what you've learned!
(Click on the headings for detailed descriptions)


Dr. Andy Bannister
Former Director and Lead Apologist
RZIM Canada

You will be introduced to means of
engaging your neighbours with the Gospel.



Bechara Karkafi
Ambassador to the Arab World
Fellowship International

You will learn about different religions, experience religious sites, and spend time face to face with someone from another religion.


Bhupinder Behl
His Prayer House, Brampton

You will learn how to help make the Gospel accessible to students.
You will have the opportunity to learn how the Gospel intersects with compassion, poverty, and social justice.

What does "GO" entail?  Here are some explanations of the different streams:

  • Neighbourhood:
    When Jesus was asked to sum up the law into one command, he said we are to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.”  This is the first and greatest commandment.  And the second is like it: “Love your neighbour as yourself.”  What if Jesus meant that we should love our ACTUAL NEIGHBOUR? You know, those people who live right beside us.  A recent Maclean’s article reveals that “More than 30 per cent of Canadians now say they feel disconnected from their neighbours, while half of Americans admit they don’t know the names of theirs... A recent poll of 2,000 Britons found a third declaring they couldn’t pick their near neighbours out of a police lineup”. If you would like to grow in the area of loving your neighbour, then this stream is meant for you. You will be introduced to ways of getting to know your neighbours in ways that are natural and true to you. There will also be an opportunity to stretch your faith and get out of your comfort zone as we engage people in the neighbourhood.  

  • International:
    According to the 2006 Canadian Census, more than 20 percent of the local population was not born in Canada. This is the third highest such proportion in Canada after Toronto at 49%, and Vancouver at 39%. Hamilton was home to 20,800 immigrants who arrived in Canada between 2001 and 2006, half of whom were born in Asia and the Middle East, while nearly one-quarter (23%) were from Europe. As we witness this trend increase, we need to educate ourselves about what others believe in order to interact with them in meaningful ways. We also need to get over our fear of interacting with people who are different than us. If you would like to become more effective at witnessing to people from other cultures, then this stream is ideal. You will learn about different religions, experience religious sites, and spend time face to face with someone from another religion.

  • Collegiate:
    Canada’s 1 million university students match or exceed the population found in five of Canada’s provinces. It is sobering to realize how few people are seeking to intentionally reach out to this group with the Gospel.

    History tells us that most of tomorrow’s business, government, educational, and organizational leaders will come from among students attending university today. These are the people who will be passing legislation (regarding abortion, health care, taxes, homosexual rights, euthanasia, and a myriad of other important issues), and educating the next generation. On Canadian campuses – where alcohol and drugs, sexual promiscuity, and peer pressure often take the place of Biblical values and wise judgment – we need people who can help make the Gospel accessible to students. Even Christian students are looking for help as they struggle with temptations that water down their faith.

  • Inner City:
    Most of us have walked past someone asking us for money wanting to do something and were unsure of the best way to help. We read statistics reminding us that 38% of Canada’s homeless have diagnosed mental illnesses and hear the plight of the urban poor being uncertain of our responsibility (most striking might be that the richest neighbourhood in the Hamilton area has a life expectancy 21 years longer than the poorest). This stream will give you the opportunity to learn ways to compassionately care for the urban poor while thinking though issues of justice.  God tells us to both care for the orphan and widow (James 1) as well as to break chains of injustice that are enslaving the poor and oppressed (Isaiah 58). As many have moved to a place of care where the gospel is relegated as possibly even irrelevant, we believe that the centrality is the driving force to live sacrificial lives and the hope for the marginalized as we extend compassion and eliminate injustice.

Partnering Organizations:

Hughson Street Baptist Church
Operation Mobilization Canada
Philpott Memorial Church
West Highland Church


Promotional Materials:
Help us spread the word about this great outreach opportunity with the resources below.

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