Calendar Events

Making the Word of God Fully Known!
West Highland has many prayer opportunities...

Sunday Morning Prayer Room (Opens at 8:30 A.M.) - Visit the Prayer Room (Room 206 off of the foyer) for individual quiet time, for personal prayer with someone else or to pray with a group before or after one of our morning services.  Resources are available to guide your prayer time.
Wednesday Evenings (7:15-8:30 P.M.)
  • Mid-Week Prayer Service (September-June) - A short devotional time followed by prayer for the ministries of West Highland.
  • Mountain Prayer Summit (July & August) - A worship-based summer prayer service held in the Fellowship Hall for anyone desiring a fresh encounter with the Living God and who are concerned to advance His Kingdom.
Saturday Evenings (7:30-8:30 P.M.) - Led by Pastor John Mahaffey in the Auditorium, this prayer time, called Emmaus Road, focuses on praying for the Sunday morning services.
Prayer Prompters
  • Weekly Prayer Prompter - Available in hard copy at the Welcome Centre. Includes praise reports from the previous week as well as prayer requests from our various ministries, missionaries, and church family.
  • Monthly Prayer Prompter - Available in hard copy at the Welcome Centre.  Laid out in calendar format, this prayer prompter lists a prayer point for each day so we can pray collectively for the various ministries and missionaries of West Highland. 
Ministry Prayers - Prayer is an integral pray of all of our ministries.  It is a major part of our Life Group Ministry where there is a group prayer time, outside of which members continuously uphold each other in prayer.  The Women's Mid-Week Oasis prayer team, led by Carmel Francis, undergirds that ministry every Wednesday morning. A special prayer team, led by Elda Crewson, also supports the Alpha program in prayer as well as special prayer requests received by the Church Office.  Urgent prayer requests within our church family are sent out to email subscribers of the prayer chain by the Church Office.
New Year's Eve Evensong (10:00 P.M.-Midnight) - We close the year with a time of reflection and anticipation, thanksgiving, praise and supplication.  At EVENSONG our worship includes singing traditional hymns and communing with God using a variety of prayers: spontaneous prayers, written prayers, prayers from the Bible and from prayer books and creeds.
Seek Week (The first full week in January) - From 9:00 A.M.-9:00 P.M., these days are set aside for intentional prayer as we seek God's wisdom and guidance for the year ahead both personally and corporately.  Details will become available in December.
Special Days of Prayer - Periodically, we have special days of prayer for specific purposes (such as International Day of Prayer, Prayer for Prodigals, Prayer for Today's Students, etc).  Keep informed on upcoming prayer events through our weekly bulletin