Sponsor Family Registry

Sponsor Family Registry

Welcome to our Sponsor Family Registry, and thank you for considering this method of materially blessing this family who is joining our West Highland family.  Below you will find a list of items which the family still needs for their home.  Please complete the form and check the boxes of any items you would like to purchase or donate, new or gently used. (Please remember to press "submit".)  Items must be in a condition you would gladly display in YOUR OWN home.

* Since we do not yet have a home for them, the acceptance of some larger furnishing items will be contingent upon their specific needs once an apartment is available to furnish.  We thank everyone for their contributions, although we may need to respectfully decline some items at a later date.*


What is the best way to reach you to follow up with your request?*


- Bolded items are still required.
- Items marked with "**" indicate items are high priority (please consider providing these first).
- Crossed off items have already been supplied.

Cookware & Bakeware: All needs for kitchen cookware & bakeware have been met. Thank you!
Tools & Utensils: All needs for kitchen tools & utensils have been met. Thank you!
Dinnerware & Glassware:
Kitchen Appliances: All needs for kitchen appliances have been met. Thank you!
Kitchen Storage:
Kitchen Miscellaneous:
Broom & Dust Pan

Pillows & comforter sets will be purchased with family to suit their tastes.
Bedroom Accessories:

Colour suggestions: beige - ivory - linen - brown - green
Linens: All needs for bath linens have been met. Thank you!
Bath Accessories (preferably matching - neutral tones):

Miscellaneous Needs:

Prior to purchase of furniture, please contact us and confirm availability of item. If you would like more specific information about a request, please feel free to do the same.
Bedroom Furniture:
New mattresses only, please. Gently used furniture may also be considered (please contact).
Living Room:
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