Sponsor Family

Sponsorship Family

Gearing up for our Sponsor Family!

Due to the generosity of the congregation in December 2015, we will be providing monthly support for a year to cover the expenses of a single mother and her 9 and 13-year-old daughters, who have fled religious persecution from the Middle East.  The Sponsorship Team welcomed our family at the airport at the end of June, and they were formally welcomed and introduced to our church family during the service on July 2nd, 2017. 

In addition to monthly support, we would like to furnish their new home as best we can to help them feel at home.  With God’s blessing and our help, their material needs will be met and they will be able to carry on, financially, after the year is up.  We have set up a Sponsorship Family Booth in the foyer with lots of information on these opportunities to get involved. 

  1. Write a note of encouragement, with a picture of your family (and their names), and a gift card to grocery stores or places like Canadian Tire, Sears, Talize, Once Upon a Child, The Bay, Walmart, Home Depot, Homesense, Lowes, etc (for things like curtain rods, yard tools, closet shelving, extension cords, etc).  Put it in the gift box at the Booth.
  2. We have established a HOME REGISTRY on the West Highland website (and in paper form at the Booth) where you can select some item(s) that you would like to provide for the family’s home (new or gently used).  These items include kitchenware, bedding, towels, furniture, etc.  Anything required to set up a new household, from scratch!  We have room to store your ‘gifts.’
  3. You are always welcome to contribute to the overall financial needs of the family by adding to your offering an amount stipulated toward “sponsorship family.”
  4. Dig out your Canadian Tire money and put it in the bucket at the Booth in the foyer.
  5. Plan to invite our Sponsorship Family to your cottage or on a family activity over the summer.  For more information on this option, contact Vicki Jaster.
  6. A 2-bedroom apartment/home, as close to the church as possible, for rent in the $1,200 range (plus inexpensive utilities).  Available August 1, if possible.  PROVIDED!