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July 2017
2 10:00AM Worship Service
3 4 5 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Summer Sizzle
7:15PM Mountain Prayer Summit
6 6:30PM Summer Sizzle
7 6:30PM Summer Sizzle
8 9:00AM The King's Garden
9 10:00AM Worship Service
11:30AM Equipping & Orientation Session
10 9:00AM West Highland Sports Camp
9:00AM The King's Garden
7:00PM ELEMENT (Sr High): Doctrine Study
11 ELEMENT (Sr High): Canada's Wonderland
9:00AM West Highland Sports Camp
12 9:00AM West Highland Sports Camp
9:00AM The King's Garden
7:00PM IMPACT (Jr High): Meeting at Church
7:15PM Mountain Prayer Summit
13 9:00AM West Highland Sports Camp
14 9:00AM West Highland Sports Camp
15 9:00AM The King's Garden
16 10:00AM Worship Service
11:15AM VOTE: Director of Administration
11:30AM Young Adults Fall-Planning Lunch
17 9:00AM Music & Arts Camp
9:00AM The King's Garden
7:00PM ELEMENT (Sr High): Doctrine Study
18 9:00AM Music & Arts Camp
19 9:00AM Music & Arts Camp
9:00AM The King's Garden
7:15PM Mountain Prayer Summit
20 9:00AM Music & Arts Camp
21 IMPACT (Jr High): Day at Wild Waterworks
9:00AM Music & Arts Camp
7:00PM ELEMENT (Sr High): Meeting at Budges
22 9:00AM The King's Garden
1:00PM Church Baby Shower
23 10:00AM Worship Service
24 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:00PM ELEMENT (Sr High): Doctrine Study
25 26 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:00PM IMPACT (Jr High): Meeting Location TBD
7:15PM Mountain Prayer Summit
27 28 29 ELEMENT (Sr High): Beach Day
9:00AM The King's Garden
30 10:00AM Worship Service
31 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:00PM ELEMENT (Sr High): Doctrine Study
Support Staff

Judie Birnie
Administrative Assistant to Pastor John Mahaffey
Judie came on staff in April of 2002, and is presently the Administrative Assistant to Pastor John Mahaffey.  Her past experience in administration includes working with the Halton Board of Education as well as working as office manager for a local manufacturing company for over 11 years. For several years she served as vice-president of the Parents’ Council at Mount Albion School.  Judie was part of a musical family that traveled throughout southern Ontario and parts of the US, often ministering at MBC and Fair Havens Bible Conferences. In her spare time she plays the French horn in the church orchestra and coordinates the decorating committee. She is married to her high school sweetheart, Bob, and they have two great sons, two beautiful daughters-in-law and five "perfect” grandchildren.
Patti BenallickPatti Benallick

Patti is known by many people in our church because of her friendly voice in answering most of the phone calls that come to the office. Her involvement with us started when she volunteered from 2005 to 2007. Patti came on staff 4-days per week starting in March of 2007. Patti is involved in several ministries; most notably GriefShare and Alpha. Patti has 4 grown children and 10 grand children.

Felicia Cosma

Felicia joined our staff as bookkeeper in 2011. She attended the University of Oradea where she earned the Ontario equivalent of a Bachelor degree in Accounting and a Master degree in Business Management. From 1990 to 2007 she was employed by the Romanian Commercial Bank in Oradea. Upon arriving in Canada, Felicia upgraded her skills by taking courses in Recruitment & Selection, Compensation, and she graduated Accounting and Payroll Administration program. She is now a Certified Payroll Practitioner. Felicia is married to Ovidiu and they have one son.

Bryan CochraneBryan Cochrane



Bryan joined our team in May of 2000 and looks after the custodial and maintenance needs of our facilities. Bryan also serves as a teacher in our STAR Kids Plus class on Sunday mornings. Bryan is married to Bettina and has 3 sons.

Lynda GarnerLynda Garner
Administrative Director - Academy of Music
Lynda has taught Secondary School Music and Business for the York Region Board of education for 36 years, initiating and writing courses in music. She has been involved with many music groups, singing with Cantabile Chorale of York Region, singing with and accompanying the York Troubadours, and playing with many musical theatre productions over the years.
Jannelle VynJannelle Vyn
Creative Design Assistant

Jannelle has attended West Highland since 2009 and joined our staff in 2012. She also regularly serves at our Welcome Centre on Sunday mornings and is a leader/participant of Bible studies throughout the year.  After graduating from Women's Ministries Institute (WMI) in 2016, Jannelle joined the WMI Leadership Team where she enjoys helping other women grow deeper in their relationship with Lord as they discover and develop their spiritual gifts.