Ways to Give
Building Campaign
Million Dollar Miracle - October 2016

Other ways to give

Thank you for considering West Highland, here are other suggested ways to save and give, shared by others at West Highland. 

  • Donate the amount of a coffee a day.  $2 a day = $14 a week and over the year is a donation of $728
  • Donate all or a portion of your income tax return
  • Sell unused items (cars, trailers, boats)
  • Postpone a renovation, a new car, a vacation
  • Cancel cable TV subscription and donate that amount
  • If you are over 71 donate your annual mandatory RRIF withdrawal
  • Gifts of real estate or other personal property
  • Donate stocks (stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other securities), you will not pay tax on the capital gains.  Simply click here to send an e-mail to Pastor Don Crowder for information
  • Donate a paid up life insurance policy
  • Remember West Highland when planning your will

Please uphold our million dollar miracle challenge in prayer.