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February 2016
1  6:30PM English Among Friends
 8:00PM Women's Volleyball
2  6:30PM STAR Kids QUEST
3  1:30PM Men's Coffee Club
 7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
4  6:30PM Self-Defense/Karate
5  9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
 7:00PM Women's Oasis: After Hours
6  7:30PM Emmaus Road Prayer Service
7  8:30AM Pre-Service Prayer
 9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Worship Service
 6:00PM TREC
8  6:30PM English Among Friends
 8:00PM Women's Volleyball
9  6:30PM STAR Kids QUEST
10  7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
11  6:30PM Self-Defense/Karate
12  9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
13  7:30PM Emmaus Road Prayer Service
14  8:30AM Pre-Service Prayer
 9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Worship Service
 6:00PM TREC
15  6:30PM English Among Friends
 8:00PM Women's Volleyball
16  6:30PM STAR Kids QUEST
17  7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
18  10:00AM JOY Fellowship
 6:30PM Self-Defense/Karate
19  9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
20  7:30PM Emmaus Road Prayer Service
21  8:30AM Pre-Service Prayer
 9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Worship Service
 6:00PM TREC
22  6:30PM English Among Friends
 8:00PM Women's Volleyball
23  6:30PM STAR Kids QUEST
24  7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer Service
25  6:30PM Self-Defense/Karate
26  9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
27  7:30PM Emmaus Road Prayer Service
28  8:30AM Pre-Service Prayer
 9:00AM Worship Service
 11:00AM Worship Service
 6:00PM TREC
29  6:30PM English Among Friends
 8:00PM Women's Volleyball
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This website shows you much of what West Highland has to offer. If you live in or are visiting the greater Hamilton area, we'd love to have you join us for church this weekend. We want to make it easy to find us and make it enjoyable when you arrive! We hope you'll find among us a place to be, belong, and become.