Women's Programs
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June 2018
1 9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
7:00PM SHINE ON: An Evening with Marc & Cyndi Wilkens
2 9:00AM The King's Garden
1:30PM West Highland Community Picnic
7:30PM Emmaus Road
3 9:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Worship Service
12:30PM "Reduce The Risk" Volunteer Training
4 9:00AM The King's Garden
5 6 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Worship Team Practice
7:00PM Element (Sr High) & Impact (Jr High)
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
7 6:30AM Prayer for Revival
8 9:30AM Mom & Tot Connect
7:00PM Academy of Music Spring Recital
9 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:30PM Emmaus Road
10 9:00AM Worship Service
11:00AM Worship Service
12:30PM Soup's On Lunch
6:00PM Concert of Prayer
11 9:00AM The King's Garden
12 13 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Worship Team Practice
7:00PM Element (Sr High) & Impact (Jr High)
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
14 6:30AM Prayer for Revival
15 16 9:00AM The King's Garden
11:00AM Father's Day Weekend Car Show
7:30PM Emmaus Road
17 10:00AM Worship Service
18 9:00AM The King's Garden
19 7:00PM Women's Bible Study: "When God Weeps"
20 9:00AM The King's Garden
6:30PM Worship Team Practice
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
21 6:30AM Prayer for Revival
5:30PM JOY Fellowship (for Mature Adults) Year-End BBQ
7:00PM Trevor Dick in Concert
22 23 9:00AM The King's Garden
24 10:00AM Worship Service
6:00PM Annual Business Meeting
25 9:00AM The King's Garden
26 7:00PM Women's Bible Study: "When God Weeps"
27 9:00AM The King's Garden
7:15PM Mid-Week Prayer
28 29 30 9:00AM The King's Garden
Women's Programs


Mid-Week Oasis (September - May)

Women's Mid-Week Oasis at West Highland runs the first Wednesday morning from 9:30-11:00 A.M. Childcare programs are provided for kids up to age 5! Each week, women of all ages meet for refreshment, fun and friendship.  You can relax, enjoy an uninterrupted cup of coffee or tea and take in a short inspirational program.  We explore topics of interest, engage in biblical discussions, pass on community information, hobbies, fun ideas and helpful hints.  We tackle everything from gardening to child-rearing, women's issues to encouragement, current events to mending relationship, anger and even Dollar Store decorating!

We'd love to have you join us, so come on out and meet some new friends!


Mom & Tot Connect (September - May)

Every Friday in the Gym from 9:30-11:00 A.M. -- Join us for a time of stimulating play, creativity and exploration while we provide a safe environment for your child to meet and interact with others their own age.  Drop in when you can!



Bible Studies

Several studies are offered on a wide range of topics.  It's a great way to grow deeper in your faith and knowledge of God and His Word.  You'll also enjoy deep fellowship and encouragement as you develop relationships with other ladies.



Mentoring Program

A mentor is described as "one who provides encouragement and practical plans for dealing with personal dilemmas".  Or a mentor is a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with another.

If you are exploring or new to the Christian faith and would prefer working one-on-one to study the Bible at your own pace and ask questions in a safe setting, this would be for you!  If you have followed the Lord for a while, but would like to really know more about a certain theology or life issue from the Bible, this is a great way to do it - on your schedule in a private setting.  Often the one-on-one encouragement and accountability in our lives is the things, in the long run, that yields the most fruit and personal growth.


If you would like more information on how you can get involved in any of our programs and activities for women, please contact Sue Montgomery, Director of Women's Ministries.